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Sep 24, 2023

580 We Can Deal Gently With Each Other Due to Our Weakness,  A Guided Christian Meditation on Hebrews 5:1-4 with the Recenter With Christ app  

The purpose of this podcast is to help you find more peace in your life and connect with the true source of peace, Jesus Christ. 

Outline: Relaxation, Reading, Meditation, Prayer, Contemplation and Visualization.

Get into a place where you can sit comfortably and uninterrupted for about 20 minutes.You should hopefully not be driving or anything tensing or unrelaxing.  If you feel comfortable to do so, I invite you to close your eyes.
Guided Relaxation / Guided Meditation:
Breathe and direct your thoughts to connecting with God. Let your stomach be a balloon inflate,  deflate.

Scripture for Meditation

Hebrews 5 
1 Every high priest is selected from among the people and is appointed to represent the people in matters related to God, to offer gifts and sacrifices for sins. 2 He is able to deal gently with those who are ignorant and are going astray, since he himself is subject to weakness. 3 This is why he has to offer sacrifices for his own sins, as well as for the sins of the people. 4 And no one takes this honor on himself, but he receives it when called by God, just as Aaron was.

1 For every high priest taken from among men is appointed on behalf of people in things pertaining to God, in order to offer both gifts and sacrifices for sins; 2 he can deal gently with the ignorant and misguided, since he himself also is clothed in weakness; 3 and because of it he is obligated to offer sacrifices for sins for himself, as well as for the people. 4 And no one takes the honor for himself, but receives it when he is called by God, just as Aaron also was.


In the Old Testament the High Priest was the person who officiated in the tabernacle and the temple. He was the spiritual leader of the people. Yet despite the fact that he was chosen by God to lead the people and even enter the Holy of Holies once a year which represented the presence of God, despite all that the High Priest was a human. He still had sins and flaws. 

In some ways it seems like this is a problem. How can someone with sun lead the people? Here Hebrews states that this human weakness becomes a strenth. Weakness allows us to understand each other. Even those who believe in Christ or those who lead are still people and have weakness and sin. 

As we confront the weakness in others this is not a testament that the plan of God is flawed. God has only had imperfect people to do His work. Except for Jesus Christ everyone has human weakness, God gives us weakness to make us humble and draw close to Him. We should let our weakness bring us to him and then he will make us strong in Him

Meditation of Prayer:

Pray as directed by the Spirit.

Dedicate these moments to the patient waiting, when you feel ready ask God for understanding you desire from Him.

Meditation of God and His Glory / Hesychasm:

I invite you to sit in silence feeling patient for your own faults and trials.

Summarize what insights you have gained during this meditation and meditate and visualize positive change in your life:

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Final Question: 

Final Thought:  

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