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Oct 11, 2020

272 Even the Winds and the Waves Obey Him - A Guided Christian Meditation on Matthew 8:23-27 with the Recenter With Christ app

I'm Chaplain Jared and I work as a hospice chaplain and an ICU chaplain, my purpose in making this podcast is to help you find more peace in your life and to be more open for your heart to be changed by the Spirit of God. By using centuries old form of Christian Meditation named Lectio Divina:

Outline: Relaxation, Reading, Meditation, Prayer, Contemplation and Visualization.

Get into a place where you can sit comfortably and uninterrupted for about 20 minutes.You should hopefully not be driving or anything tensing or unrelaxing. If you feel comfortable to do so, I invite you to close your eyes.

Guided Relaxation / Guided Meditation:

Breathe and direct your thoughts to contacting God. Let your stomach be a balloon inflate, deflate.

Bible verses for Meditation:

23 And when he was entered into a ship, his disciples followed him.
24 And, behold, there arose a great tempest in the sea, insomuch that the ship was covered with the waves: but he was asleep.
25 And his disciples came to him, and awoke him, saying, Lord, save us: we perish.
26 And he saith unto them, Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith? Then he arose, and rebuked the winds and the sea; and there was a great calm.
27 But the men marvelled, saying, What manner of man is this, that even the winds and the sea obey him!

23 And when he got into the boat, his disciples followed him.
24 A windstorm arose on the sea, so great that the boat was being swamped by the waves; but he was asleep.
25 And they went and woke him up, saying, “Lord, save us! We are perishing!”
26 And he said to them, “Why are you afraid, you of little faith?” Then he got up and rebuked the winds and the sea; and there was a dead calm.
27 They were amazed, saying, “What sort of man is this, that even the winds and the sea obey him?”

Meditation on Scripture:

I have been somewhat vague in past episodes and social media but I spoke at the funeral for my brother’s wife this week. One of her favorite hymns was “Jesus, Savior, Pilot me”

1 Jesus, Savior, pilot me,
Over life's tempestuous sea;
Unknown waves before me roll,
Hiding rock and treach'rous shoal;
Chart and compass come from Thee:
Jesus, Savior, pilot me!

2 As a mother stills her child,
Thou canst hush the ocean wild;
Boist'rous waves obey Thy will
When Thou say'st to them, "Be still!"
Wondrous Sov'reign of the sea,
Jesus, Saviour, pilot me!

3 When at last I near the shore,
And the fearful breakers roar
'Twixt me and the peaceful rest,
Then, while leaning on Thy breast,
May I hear Thee say to me,
"Fear not, I will pilot thee!"

There are multiple purposes of this message. One is that the pilot is someone intimately familiar with the shore line, and were the dangerous rocks are. Modern day pilots work exclusively around one shoreline and guide each large ship into safety. Another aspect is that Jesus changes the whole equation. He is not only helping us deal with things he can’t change. He has power to change the forces of nature. This is equally applicable to us. He is equally capable to calm our hearts. I remember a distinct moment when I was feeling strong emotion, then upon reflection on these principles, peace and strength replaced the sadness. The Lord bound up my broken heart. Trust that God can do the same for you. He can, and will, either now or in the future.

Meditation of Prayer:

Pray as directed by the Spirit.

Dedicate these moments to the patient waiting, when you feel ready ask God for understanding you desire from Him.

Meditation of God and His Glory / Hesychasm:

I invite you to sit in silence feeling being patient for your own faults and trials.

Summarize what insights you have gained during this meditation and meditate and visualize positive change in your life:
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Final Question: Do you allow Jesus to be your pilot.

Final Thought: I have been doing this podcast for coming up on 3.5 years and have never missed releasing an episode until this week. Regardless of how busy I have been or how late I have stayed up I have always got it done. This week I redirected my flight from Washington DC to the home of a family member to be there to support. I didn’t have podcasting gear and I couldn't do the live mobile because I don’t have enough subscribers yet. I appreciate the thoughts of concern and support for those who have reached out on facebook and in emails. It means a lot knowing that my experience, even in death and grief, can be a testimony of God’s Glory and bring people peace. I want you to know that God is aware of your suffering and your full situation. Your suffering will be for but a brief moment and when it is over, your growth in God’s eyes and the love that you have learned to feel will be all that matters to you.

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