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Jul 30, 2017

What do you have that is important?  What things do you hold of others that is valuable?  Maybe you know someone intimately well.  Maybe you know the full details of someone’s life.  That knowledge is a kind of sacred trust.  What do you know from God that is sacred to you.  So sacred that you would not share it?  Do you have things that are so sacred that you must share them?  In what contexts do you share things? Are you worthy of the trust people put in you?  

In our highly technical world we know so little about each other in some ways and in other ways, perfect strangers know more about us that we could imagine.  In this meditation we will ponder how to be better stewards of the that with which we have been entrusted and to treat knowledge about each other with a sacred perspective.  I invite you to get comfortable for 20 minutes, without driving or doing chores, but focusing exclusively on the message.

Guided Relaxation / Guided Meditation:

How to relax and how to meditate:  Begin by observing how quiet your body is.  Move until you are comfortable and don’t need to move in the slightest bit.  This time is an opportunity for you to fast from the constant inputs that are coming into your life.  Right now there is no input, there is nothing coming in, but air.  And the thing that is leaving is all tension.  Leaving only a perfectly relaxed body behind.  Bring any distracted thought back to the idea of fresh air coming in.  

Continue breathing deeply and what you will notice is that your body will gently release that tension.  Imagine all the weight of your body begins to slowly melt away As you continue to take in breaths you become lighter and lighter.  All the heavy tension of your body leaks out of you as you breath deeply.  As you continue to breath you find yourself weightless in your chair.  Imagine your body slowly floating above your chair.  As you imagine yourself floating, your body is as weightless and loose as a cloud.  With each breath that you let in your body you feel the gentle cloudiness sooth any spots that felt tense until they too are light as air.  

Keep breathing deeply as you listen to this scripture.  While staying relaxed, listen carefully and let the message penetrate your soul.


Bible verse for meditation:

The reading will be from 1 Timothy 6:17-21 From the NABRE New American Bible Revised Edition

17 Tell the rich in the present age not to be proud and not to rely on so uncertain a thing as wealth but rather on God, who richly provides us with all things for our enjoyment.

18 Tell them to do good, to be rich in good works, to be generous, ready to share,

19 thus accumulating as treasure a good foundation for the future, so as to win the life that is true life.

20 O Timothy, guard what has been entrusted to you. Avoid profane babbling and the absurdities of so-called knowledge.

21 By professing it, some people have deviated from the faith.

Grace be with all of you.

Meditation on scripture / bible verse meditation:

What Message did you receive from this scripture?  

What have have you been entrusted with?  What do you value most in this world?  What do you hold of others that they most value?  What do you hold of God’s that is of value?  How are you planning on using or guarding that?  

Share that with God.

In the silence of these moments you feel the weight of loyalty, born out of love.  As we love each other we want the best for each other.  Guard the sacred trust that you have been entrusted with.  Honor it more precious than Gold.  

Many people claim that money is the root of all evil.  That is not true.  Paul states earlier in this letter that it is the love of money that is the root of all evil.  Do you love the gain of this world more than you honor your sacred trust.  I promise you that as you more carefully honor that with which you have been entrusted, the more God will guide you in guide you in how to use it, according to His will.  

Meditation of Prayer:

Pray as directed by the Spirit.

Meditation of God and His Glory / Hesychasm

Sit in silence before the Lord and Foster in you pure Awe, demonstrating the purest gratitude you know how to for the forgiveness of your sins.

Meditate and Visualize Positive Change in Your Life:

Imagine the message you got from scripture today.  How can that be applied to your life?  Visualize that in as much detail as possible.  

Take these ideas and share them with people you trust in your life, compare to other scriptures to provide checks and balances.  Trust the spirit of the Lord and He will direct you for Good.  


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